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Posted on Jan 15, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments



I am really excited about starting this website. Thanks to Mikey, my partner for getting this set up. I don’t think he knew very much about Japanese food or cooking as his speciality was bananas and peanut butter on toast! Hopefully now he may be able to broaden his cooking with a little Japanese too! While he’s not making Japanese food sites…. Mikey looks after bands online, fly’s a recording studio, writes TV music and makes music videos.

I always liked the idea of starting a Japanese food website because I love cooking and eating Japanese food. And one day, I took some photos of my food. I have always been a keen photographer but never bothered to take photos of food before. It was really interesting how foods looked so different with angles, lights, details etc… So, I took more and more photos. The rest is a result of this site.
It involved a lot of concentration because I had to write down all the recipes and cook all the dishes while taking the step by step photo’s all by myself!

I’m not a chef as you know. Everything is not perfect. I especially found writing down all the ingredients difficult as I just cook the way I like. But cooking is fun and try new things. Sometimes it does’nt turn out as you wanted and you fail but you learn new things and it will be better next time!

My recipes haven’t got strict measurements. I thought that everyone should find the taste that they like.

Follow the recipe as a guidance and find your own way. That’s what I’ve always done myself anyway…

Enjoy the cooking and enjoy eating!