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Posted on Jan 17, 2011 in Chicken, Meat, Noodles | 0 comments

Udon Chicken Curry

Udon Chicken Curry

Udon  100g
Spring Onion
Egg  1

Dashi  300ml
Soy Sauce  1 Tbsp
Mirin (optional) 1 Tbsp
Sugar (optional) 1tsp
Sake (optional) 1tsp

1 Boil dashi in a pan. (Go to Basic for dashi soup stock)

2 When the water boils, turn the heat down and add some soy sauce. (It is already a  good soup but if you want to make it with more richer flavour, put some sugar, mirin and sake and simmer for a while.)

3 Salt and pepper the chicken and cook it on a frying pan.

4 Mix chicken with curry sauce.

5 Put the udon in a pan of boiling water and cook them for few minutes.

6 Drain the water and place Udon into a bowl.

7 Pour over both the soup and curry sauce with chicken.

8 You can make a proper poached egg in a pan if you wish but I will show you here the cheats way of how to make poached egg in the microwave.

A Put some water and egg in a little cup.

B Put it in a microwave and start. Be careful and keep watching it in case of explosion! I usually check how much it’s cooked after 20 sec. And another 10-20 second, it should be ready. It depends on size of egg, how much and how cold water is and etc.

8 Place the poached egg and chopped spring onions on top.