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Posted on Feb 2, 2011 in Basic, Soup | 0 comments

Instant Dashi Soup Stock

Before you start to make soup, you better decide how you want to make the dashi soup stock because with the traditional way, you will need Konbu(dried kelp), Bonito fish flakes and dried fish etc. It tastes delicioust but it’s quite hard to get all these ingredients and takes some time too.

There are some substitute instant soup stock products around like dashi powder (Hon-dashi, dashi-no-moto or etc). Some are natural ingredients but others contain artificial seasonings. I have to say though these products taste and smell pretty good.

Here are the dashi powder products which contain artificial seasonings. Tasty, cheap and common in Japan.

Instant Dashi for Soup

And these don’t contain artificial seasonings. But I’m not 100% sure. There is always some trick behind?

Instant Dashi for Soup

Instant Dashi for Soup

For vegetarians, because these dashi powder products usually contain fish stock, you will have to find different substitutes like one made by kelp(kombu). You might think that you can make it without dashi soup stock but it does taste so much better with it. Let’s try and find a way somehow!

This is a one option of vegetarian dashi stock made by kelp.

Instant Dashi for Soup

Ramen Soup Stock (Meat based)
It’s a good soup stock but also good for fried rice, noodle or vegetables

Udon Soup Stock (Fish based)
Easy and Tasty

Instant Dashi Stock