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Posted on Jan 17, 2011 in Beef, Meat, Noodles | 0 comments

Beef Yaki Udon with Miso Soy Sauce

Beef Yaki Udon with Miso Soy Sauce

Udon is wheat flour noodles and usually served hot as noodle soup. But it’s also served cold or fried. You can buy packed fresh udon from any normal supermarket.

Red pepper
Udon  100g

Miso  1 Tbsp
Soy sauce  1tsp
Mirin ( if you haven’t got it, sugar+a bit more sake,wine or water)  1 Tbsp
Sake ( or white wine)  1 Tbsp
Water 1 Tbsp

1 Put Udon in a bowl with hot water (It’s easier and quicker to cook later)

2 Salt and pepper the beef and put the beef in a heated frying pan.

3 Add Vegetables with high heat and stir quick! (If you don’t want the beef to get too tough, remove the beef from the wok and leave aside. Cook vegetables with high heat and add the beef later with Udon noodle)

4 Drain the water and leave Udon in a colander while cooking vegetables.

5 Put Udon in a wok with meat and vegetables. Stir quick!

6 Add Miso Soy sauce, stir and mix all well.