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From Basic to Funky Japanese food

I am not a chef. I am just a Japanese musician living in the UK and love cooking.  Since I came over to the UK nearly 20 years ago, Japanese food has become more and more popular. There are so many Japanese cooking books around these days. Most of them are not really for every day cooking and if you follow all these recipes and ingredients, it ends up so expensive. We Japanese people living outside Japan including myself don’t cook every day like that of the Japanese cook books. We have to accept that you can’t get everything you need for Japanese dishes from local supermarkets. In these situations we manage by adapting recipes to suit  what you get locally and also we cheat a little!

I’ve seen lots of non-Japanese people at Japanese supermarkets looking confused and wondering what to get for their Japanese cooking. There are lots of choices and mysterious products. I’d like to help and suggest to people what they should get to make these dishes. There are also lots of vegetarians and pescatarians (eat fish but no meat) in Europe. Some vegetarians even believe that most of Japanese foods are like Zen style, complete veggie dishes. That is not true. I’ve found it so difficult to recommend dishes for my vegetarian friends in the restaurants in Japan because even some of the simplest veggie dishes have got fish stock for sauce or soup.  So hopefully I can help you know what you get from these Japanese products.

What I want to introduce here is “Every day simple Japanese food you can make cheaply and easily” and it’s more like FOOD Japanese people eat these days rather than authentic traditional japanese food.We don’t make the dishes like those on Nobu’s menu or Sushi everyday. I thought that there should be much easier Japanese cooking informations for non-Japanese person with tips and cheats (!?)

So, I will show you here starting from basic style to mixed up funky Japanese dishes!